Albert Alocillo takes over as head of Don Bosco Greywolves' basketball program

THE Don Bosco Greywolves will have a new head of the basketball program in veteran coach Albert Alocillo.

In an exclusive talk with SunStar Cebu, Alocillo said he is putting an emphasis on establishing a “winner’s mindset” for the Greywolves who have failed to make it to the Final Four of the Cesafi in the last few years.

“We will play as a team, adopt a new system that fits our materials, and adopt a change of mindset of a real winner, sharing with them the priorities of life with a coaching philosophy and guidelines as our foundation, which is very useful in their daily undertakings of life. We want to prepare them to adopt changes for the next level,” said Alocillo, who just a few years ago, was the head coach of the University of Southern Philippines Foundation.

Alocillo added that he is fortunate to inherit a team that is filled with skilled and talented players, led by promising wingman Vincent Escobido.

“We can maximize Vincent Escovido’s talent in games but more than that, we can help him become a role model and a leader of the team."

Alocillo said that with the right amount of support from the school and its alumni, they will be able to make it to the semifinals of the Cesafi season later this year. (JNP)