Alessandra de Rossi too worried about COVID-19 to attend rally

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

23 Jul – Alessandra de Rossi is not shy in admitting that she is too worried about the pandemic to be joining any rally protesting ABS-CBN's shutdown.

As reported on GMA News, the actress shared as much recently when asked by a netizen as to why she is just praying for the network on Twitter instead of participating in the recent rally that was joined by the likes of Angel Locsin and Enchong Dee.

"There is COVID. Have mercy. I am also not okay (mentally) where there is a lot of people involved. I don't even attend birthday parties, let alone a rally?" she responded.

de Rossi admitted that she is not afraid to admit that she is worried about being infected with a deadly disease especially knowing that the number of positive cases continues to increase.

"I have no x-ray vision for COVID. The truth is, I'm scared," she added.

To another netizen who stated that silence favours the oppressors, the actress stated that she is doing her best.

"But I guess my best wasn't good enough. I pray you look beyond your personal opinions," she added, saying that there is nothing wrong in attending a rally or choosing to be wary of one's surroundings.

(Photo Source: Alessandra de Rossi Instagram)