Alessandra de Rossi tried to be sister's surrogate

Heidi Hsia
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23 Feb – Alessandra de Rossi recently admitted that she once offered to be sister Assunta's surrogate, seeing how the latter had difficulties bearing children of her own.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress, who spoke to Toni Gonzaga on her online show, "I Feel U" recently, stated that she made the offer after Assunta's IVF procedure didn't come to fruition and the latter was left with only two more eggs.

"She said, 'I don't want to go through it anymore. I don't want to go through the feeling'. So I told her, 'Do you want me to carry the baby? I have no direction in life anyway'," said Alessandra.

She continued, "I was willing to do that for her for free. I was willing but she just laughed at me. So I don't know if she considered it in her head."

Assunta with her miracle baby after 18 years
Assunta with her miracle baby after 18 years
Alessandra with her niece, Julia
Alessandra with her niece, Julia

It was then that Alessandra's movie, "Kita Kita" became a sleeper hit, and she finally found her direction in showbiz.

Assunta finally succeeded in getting pregnant last year. Baby Julia was born in October last year, after 18 years of her marriage with husband Jules Ledesma. The couple were married in 2002.

"I cried when I was sent the photo that she just came out of the delivery room and then held the baby. Is this true? That's right! Send to all. That's when I became emotional," Alessandra stated, adding that she has been enjoying seeing the total transformation of her sister since becoming a mother.

(Photo Source: Alessandra de Rossi Instagram)