Alex Scott reveals why she has ditched dating apps in hope of meeting someone organically

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Alex Scott has described herself as “single and ready to mingle”. (Getty Images)
Alex Scott has described herself as [single and ready to mingle'. (Getty Images)

Dating apps have become a popular way for people to find love.

However, Alex Scott has revealed why she's dumping them in the hope of meeting someone organically.

Speaking to The Sunday Times' Magazine, the ex-pro footballer and presenter said: "If someone manages to come into my life who complements it, then great, but I’m not a person that needs to be with someone."

The 36-year-old, who recently became the first female host of BBC TV show Football Focus, described herself as "single and ready to mingle".

In the same interview, Scott – who played for England and Arsenal, before retiring in 2017 – said that she has become "more unapologetic".

She explained: "If someone has got bad energy around me, then I’ll remove them from my life. That’s something I’ve only just learnt to do.”

The star also discussed being viciously trolled early on in her media career, and how this impacted on her mental health.

She revealed: "It’s a worry every day. Worrying if somebody will throw acid in my face. Worrying about my mum because I know she’s panicking that I’m not safe, that I live on my own, that I can’t walk down the street."

Scott said she reached a low point in summer 2019, going on to be diagnosed with depression and having therapy.

She is currently presenting BBC coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

The former sportswoman recently appeared on the cover of Good Housekeeping, alongside Gabby Logan and Clare Balding.

Scott told the magazine that she dislikes being called a "female pundit", explaining "I’m just a pundit."

She said: "The ability for young girls to see strong, positive role models is so key. If they can see it, they can aspire to be it.

"Sport is sport, and I think that’s important, not just when it comes to gender but also diversity and inclusivity more broadly, for instance with the Paralympics."

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