Alfie Boe praised by 'Freeze the Fear' viewers for bravery in talking about attempt to take his own life

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Watch: Alfie Boe opens up on overdose attempt during depression struggle

Singer Alfie Boe has been praised by Freeze the Fear viewers for his bravery in opening up on depression and an attempt to take his own life after his marriage broke down.

The music star who often performs in a double act with Michael Ball told his co-stars how months on the road touring had contributed to the split, and how he still missed his wife who he broke up with in 2020.

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Speaking to camera in last night's (Tuesday) BBC One episode, Boe, 48, shared more about the mental health struggles he'd had since the end of his 18-year relationship.

Alfie Boe in snow during Freeze the Fear. (Hungry Bear Media)
Alfie Boe opened up on his mental health struggles in Freeze the Fear. (Hungry Bear Media)

Boe, who shares two children with his ex, said: "When my separation happened initially, I went into a real dark place.

"It's weird to talk about, I've not spoken about this in public, but I'm willing to if it can help anybody out there that needs that.

"I've gone through beating myself up and hating myself and not having any love for myself and it resulted in a foolish act of throwing some pills down my throat because I'd lost my way."

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He added that he had spent five weeks in rehab seeking help for his depression, leaving viewers shocked at the tough times he'd been through.

Alfie Boe in an ice pool. (Hungry Bear Media)
Alfie Boe impressed viewers with a dip in an ice pool. (Hungry Bear Media)

One person tweeted: "Oh man. I'm such a fan of Alfie Boe and hearing him talk about trying to end his life breaks my heart. I hope he feels brighter and stronger now."

Another viewer added: "Fair play and respect to @AlfieBoe for having the courage to talk so honestly and openly about his mental health challenges on #FreezeTheFear. To be frank, more of us men should, it is a strength to and not a weakness. Don't bottle it up."

Boe told his Freeze the Fear co-stars: "All in all, it was a lovely marriage and when people say 'I'm sorry your marriage didn't work out' we always look at it like, it wasn't a failure, it did work, we got two kids."

Sarah Boe and Alfie Boe attends an after party celebrating
Alfie Boe and his wife Sarah split in 2020. (Getty Images)

Other viewers thanked the star for discussing issues that they could relate to.

One person tweeted: "Having lost my Dad to suicide I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart @AlfieBoe for your strength & honesty in speaking out as by doing that you can save lives."

Another person commented: "I suffer from depression. I always think it’s poor people like me living in a council flat ,striving for a better life who suffer from it. Seeing @AlfieBoe talk about ending his life is relatable and heart breaking. Thank you for sharing Alfie. You are amazing. X"

After the episode aired, Boe thanked fans for their support by tweeting: "Truly overwhelmed by all your responses and messages following tonights show. Thank you. If you’re struggling there is always people to talk to such as @samaritans and @MindCharity who can offer support and advice."

For confidential emotional support contact The Samaritans at any time by calling 116 123 or emailing

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