Alicia Keys just tried a very popular 90s hair trend and it looked incredible

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Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images
Photo credit: Rich Fury - Getty Images

I love it when an old-school trend comes back around and right now, the 90s are having a moment. We’ve seen baby blue eyeshadow on Addison Rae and even Kourtney Kardashian couldn’t resist revisiting the decade with this seriously 90s selfie.

More recently, Bella Hadid and Lizzo jumped on the 90s hair accessory hype. Bella opted for a big crocodile claw clip, while Lizzo took me back to my school disco days with some super cute butterfly clips – and she may have inspired Alicia Keys to try the trend, too.

Alicia posted a video on Instagram in which her long braid is beautifully decorated with lots of butterfly clips.

As the camera pans down her hair, Alicia starts singing a few lines from her 2001 hit song Butterflyz: “You give me butterflies, got me flying so high in the sky, I can’t control the butterflies”.

Sorry, but what an adorable moment?

It seems Alicia is impartial to a hair accessory or two (or dozen). Just at last week’s Met Gala, the singer’s hair was decorated with a heap of diamonds that were carefully placed all over her head. Easily one of my favourite hairstyles from the night, her hair sparkled as she walked up the Met stairs.

I think Alicia might have just inspired my next hair lewk. BRB, just off to find some hair gems.

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