Aljur-Rhian film replaces Revilla starrer in MMFF 2013

JUST A THOUGHT: A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. - David Brinkley

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REPLACING REVILLA FILM: A futuristic sci-fi movie headlined by Aljur Abrenica and Rhian Ramos and originally called "Kulay Abo ang Langit," has been named as replacement to "My Super Kap," the fantasy-comedy film that would have starred Senator Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr, in the forthcoming Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

In an emergency meeting Aug. 2, the MMFF Screening Committee voted for "Kulay Abo," which has been retitled "Pinoy Mutant Warriors (PMW)" by its producers, as the most appropriate replacement to "Super Kap." "Kulay Abo" is technically No. 9 in the 14-picture line-up of MMFF finalists. Only 8 films are taking part in this year's MMFF.

"Super Kap" has been pulled out of the filmfest by Imus Productions, citing lack of sufficient time to work on the film's technical and special effects.

"Pinoy Mutant Warriors" is a joint project between Hubo Productions and Kwentista Productions, which had earlier fielded the indie films, "In Nomine Matris" and "Paglaya sa Tanikala" in the MMFF 2012 New Wave division. It is described as a science-fiction project that looks at social and environmental issues.

It is believed to be of special interest to children, which explains the casting of "Binoy Henyo" star, David Remo. The film also stars Cherie Gil and Matteo Guidicelli.

The film's lead stars had earlier partnered in "My Kontrabida Girl" and "Sossy Problems."

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ERAP DE GULAT: Traffic on the streets of Manila has been flowing freely and smoothly, thanks to Mayor Joseph Estrada's display of political will as he banned the entry to the city of both provincial and city buses.

While the move has inconvenienced the riding public, who were caught unaware as it came without warning, we look at it as a stern warning to bus operators and their drivers to behave and to follow the rules of traffic.

In no time, we're sure buses will once more be seen on the streets of the city. By then, we hope their drivers would have learned their lesson the hard way.

My own take on this is that buses are generally good. They are more pleasant to ride in when they're air-conditioned. Buses are also more practical as they can carry the passenger load of four jeepneys.

Erap, however, is showing us how to instill discipline, an example that should be emulated by other towns and cities in Metro Manila. Next on Erap's disciplinary agenda should be those unruly jeepney and tricycle drivers.

Speaking of traffic violators, Tempo editor Rey Bancod suggests plainclothesmen should be planted on city buses to monitor erring drivers. Traffic violators, such as those who load and unload passengers in spots where they should not (the middle of the street, for instance) should be issued a ticket right then and there, warns Bancod, hora mismo!
I add, charge a high amount for that ticket, so they'll never forget!
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NIKKI SAYS NO: A friend of ours recently offered Nikki Gil's management a hefty modelling contract, which she refused.
The actress' decision surprised us. A week or so later, we learned of her break-up with long-time boyfriend, Billy Crawford. Then, we realized why she couldn't accept our friend's offer.
The contract stipulated that she was to wear a bridal gown as an endorser of a grand wedding fair.

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BY THE WAY... Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista wants to actively produce movies following his initial production, comedy film "Raketeros." Herbert's siblings, Harlene and husband Romnick Sarmenta, own a production company. Another public servant active in producing films is Laguna Governor ER Ejercito.

Angel Locsin is joining ABS-CBN daily noontime program, "Showtime," but only every Saturday. The drama diva is flexing her muscles in hosting as well as in comic acting ("Toda Max"). Her next soap costars her with two acting stalwarts, Jericho Rosales and Christopher de Leon.

Heard that esteemed director Mike de Leon is close enough to making his comeback film after years of hiatus. De Leon has reportedly been in collaboration with his long-time screenwriter Doy del Mundo for a film to be produced by the Film Development Council of the Philippines. If I were an actor dreaming of acting in a film of substance, I'd make the first move to say, "Count me in." De Leon's classic films include "Itim" and "Kisapmata."