Allen Iverson's unexpected BIG3 absence remains unexplained a day later

Allen Iverson did not show up to the BIG3’s Week 6 event in Dallas. (Getty)

Allen Iverson was missing in action for Week 6 of the inaugural season of the BIG3, and a day later, nobody is quite sure why.

Iverson, the three-on-three league’s biggest name, was a no-show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Sunday as his team, 3’s Company, won their second game of the season. The league was unaware of Iverson’s whereabouts, or of a reason for his absence, and said it was investigating the situation.

“We had no advance warning and do not have information as to all the circumstances surrounding his absence,” the league said in a statement. “The league is launching an investigation to gather all the facts and then will make an informed, official statement.”

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Iverson is both player, coach and captain for one of the league’s eight teams. More importantly, he’s “the face of the whole thing.” According to the BIG3’s official website, however, he has played in just three of his team’s six games, and played just 27 minutes in those three games. He scored a mere six points on 3-of-13 shooting.

Iverson disappointed fans in Philadelphia — where he enjoyed 10-plus years of a Hall-of-Fame NBA career — in Week 4 of the BIG3 when he showed up but did not play. Iverson said in an Instagram video that night that his decision to not play was “based on advice from my doctor.”

That night, Ice Cube tweeted that doctors told Iverson not to even get out of bed:

Iverson was again present at the BIG3’s Week 5 event in Chicago on Sunday, July 23, though he did not play then either. This past Sunday marked the third-straight week that Iverson did not take the court in uniform. But this time he didn’t take the court at all.

We’ll wait for official word on the reasons for Iverson’s absence this past Sunday rather than speculating about what they might be.