Alliance Edge HRMS: The future of human resource operations

·2 min read

ALLIANCE Software, Inc. launched its brand-new Human Resource Management System (HRMS) on Sept. 8, 2022. This is a complete suite of ready-made solutions aimed towards challenges in Human Resource Operations.

The event opened with an inspiring keynote speech from the Alliance Software, Inc.’s President, Robert Cheng, followed by a brief cameo from Vett Watson, the Modern Work and Security Business Lead for Microsoft Philippines, with the discussion proper lead by Te Jay Luna, the Assistant Vice President of Alliance Software, Inc. All speakers promised a bright future for information technology in Cebu and eventually, to the Philippines.

Alliance Edge HRMS boasts multiple cutting-edge benefits such as accessibility, accurate reports, and various customizable assets. The system utilizes cloud-based technology for better accessibility and can automatically compute timecards for timekeeping such as logins and logouts, a dashboard for easier access to both employers and employees, time logs, and reports, among others.

The Edge HR System also includes a self-service app that allows leave requests, overtime requests, log requests, business trip requests, and change shift requests for employees. Payroll computations also follow the latest and updated government formulas in computation and reporting, guaranteeing almost error-free results with just a tap of a finger.

Alliance Edge HRMS can also be customized for the user’s preference and can be integrated to other applications such as the already well-established Alliance ERP system or SAB b1 and even Government Agencies and Banks system for maximum efficiency. In fact, the Edge HR System is already integrated with the BIR, SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pagibig.

Verdict: The Alliance Edge HRMS is truly a must-use application in business because it reduces the challenges experienced by employees who manage human resource operations, allowing them to work as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. (SPONSORED CONTENT)