How alluring brows define the face

Rachel Arandilla
·2 min read

“EYEBROWS on fleek” is a phrase dubbed by millennials that perfectly summarizes society’s current obsession with brows.

Brows are important in defining the face. Beauty gurus know and strongly advocate eyebrows. As they say, “you already have a face if you have brows.”

Today’s generation’s brow game is strong. If you talk about eyebrows, one such name in Cebu is bound to come up: makeup artist Erica Diaz. Erica is one such sought-after figure in Cebu’s world of beauty and known for her specialty in brows.

“I was a professional makeup artist for 10 years. The face was my canvas, and getting the brows right was the ‘make or break’ for every face. I believe that good-looking brows pull the look together.”

The esteemed makeup artist takes one look and, instinctively, knows how to approach one’s brows and what shape will best fit the face shape and features. This is why clients come back to her and trust her in having their brows professionally done.

These days, Erica has put on a new hat to blend her love for beauty and entrepreneurship, and opened Allure Beauty in 2021. With her deep and extensive knowledge in shaping brows, she brought the craft to the next level through Allure Beauty, which offers Semi-Permanent Ombré Shading, Microblading, and Microblading with Ombré Shading.

Gone are the old-school eyebrow tattoos back in the day. Today’s brow services create a natural look imitating hair strokes. Ombre shading creates a soft-shaded brow pencil look.

“Allure Beauty aims to bring out the powerful and mysterious qualities of beauty. Both women and men need that kind of empowerment when it comes to beauty and self-care,” Erica explained.

While deemed a worthy investment, semi-permanent makeup services often come at a hefty price. Erica aims to make great quality beauty services more affordable for all and thus created the Allure VIP Card. The VIP card welcomes patrons to the Allure Beauty family and entitles them to a 50 percent discount on all services. These include cosmetic tattoo, lash extensions, facials, slimming and the BB glow.

Allure Beauty is located at Persimmon Plus, Cebu City. To book an appointment, one can message its Facebook page, Allure Beauty Wellness and Beauty Center. The brand is planning to open two more branches very soon and making affordable and quality beauty services more accessible to everyone in Cebu.