Alvin Kamara

Fearless Forecast: 1399 TOTAL YDS, 65 REC, 8 TD
Projected Rank: 23

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: OK, so this is my golf in the rain hat. And no, I did not get a free bowl of soup with it. It's also my I'm afraid to draft somebody hat. I'm only wearing it for one of these videos, and I'm wearing it for Alvin Kamara.

OK, maybe he can duck a suspension this year. We're not sure on that yet. There's still a little bit of suspension risk. The news has gotten better in recent weeks for Kamara on that front. But Sean Payton is gone. He lost Drew Brees last year. Kamara's efficiency really went down, down, down last year. He really got ugly.

And now he's got Jameis Winston as the full time starter. And running back windows for starters, they just don't stay open as long as we think. And remember how long ago it was? Le'Veon Bell was the guy. David Johnson was the guy. Or Todd Gurley was the guy. Maybe Derrick Henry finally ran out of carries last year.

I know all these backs have different styles. Kamara is a big pass catcher, doesn't run between the tackles as much. But I'm nervous when we get into that second contract with any running back. So I only have Kamara at running back 23 this year. He's not going to be one of my proactive picks. Let me go back to my bucket of soup out here, play some golf in the rain, and I'm not drafting Alvin Kamara. It's going to rain on him even in the Superdome in 2022.

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