Amalilio’s, Aman investor’s bank accounts frozen -- NBI source

The Philippine government has blocked attempts of businessman Manuel Amalilio to funnel the money that his firm, Aman Futures Group Philippines, Inc. (Aman), collected from thousands of investors to Malaysia by freezing his bank accounts, the National Bureau Investigation (NBI) sources said.

In separate interviews, NBI sources privy to the investigation on the multi-billion scam that victimized at least 15,000 confirmed that Amalilio tried recently but failed to transfer the money from his bank accounts in the country to Malaysia after his bank accounts were frozen.

Aside from Amalilio's, the bank account of a big Aman investor in Ozamis was also frozen, the source revealed.

"His accounts may have been used as a conduit in the Aman transactions," the NBI source added

Another source said the Bureau sent a letter to a Unionbank branch in Zamboanga del Sur Monday to coordinate with the Anti Money Laundering Council (AMLC) amid intel reports that the Aman group was planning to withdraw sums of money.

"Inadvice nila that the bank should take appropriate action to protect the interest of the investors of Aman," the source said.

On Tuesday, Pagadian Mayor Samuel Co claimed that Aman cashed out almost half a million pesos everyday from an account in Malaysia when they started earning billions from investors.

Co claimed that the daily withdrawals placed the investment group under the radar of the Anti-Money Laudering Council.

"Everyday they are outing P300,000-P400,000. Nasa Malaysia ang mga pera ni Aman," he said.

Co said he has information that most of the suspects in the Aman Futures scam are still in Mindanao but are moving from one province to another to avoid authorities.

Since the Aman scam was discovered, the NBI said they already received at least 8,000 complaints and the number continues to swell.

Senior Assistant State Prosecutor Edna Valenzuela said 21 Pagadian City-based policemen and 2 firemen allegedly victimized by the Aman Futures Group Philippines, Inc. filed a joint complaint-affidavit before the Department of Justice (DOJ) against the firm's founder and 62 other individuals some of whom are policemen, firemen, and jail officers.

The complainants were SPO4 Garlie Macario Diamante Angelada, SPO1 Edgardo Figuracion II, SPO1 Dexter Dalena, SPO1 Rex Barnido, SPO1 Albrt Villa, SPO1 Charlemagne Lopez, SPO1 Joy Figuracion, SPO1 Suharto Calalagan, SPO1 Jimm Manuel Pactol, SPO1 Adonai Durangparang, PO3 Baden Powell Beltran, PO3 Imelda Dumon, PO3 Marcelo Andale, PO3 Grace Mantos Fosgate, PO3 Ramil Tormis, PO3 Allan Colipano, PO3Buenaventura Fernando, PO3 Dindo Yap, PO3 Albert Leonardo, PO3 Melanie Andale Sermon, Fire Officer 3 Roy Anthony Padua, FO2 Mocalidin Enca, and PO1 Philip John Baculao.

The complainants in a six-page complaint affidavit charged Amalilio et al with syndicated estafa.

"Based on the [evidence] on hand, the STIG AMAN [finds] that it is a clear manifestation that the incorporators and operators of Aman Investments in Kawit, Pagadian City ... [were] clearly conspiring and confederating with one another and operating a syndicate... by means of false representation and fraudulent means to invest in the said scheme and by means of other similar deceit violated laws on Art. 315 (estafa) of the Revised Penal Code in relation with Presidential Decree No. 1689 (Large scale/syndicated estafa," the complaint read.

Attached to the complaint were sworn affidavits, as well as bank checks and corporate files from Aman Futures.

The joint complaint is so far the 12th being handled by the DOJ against Aman and another investment firm being operated by Jacob Rasuman. There are seven complaints against Aman and his cohorts, while five complaints are against Rasuman.

Preliminary investigation for the 11 complaints starts on November 27 and will be held simultaneously in Manila and Cagayan de Oro City.

On Wednesday, the DOJ served summons against Amalilio and his cohorts and directed them to file their respective counter-affidavits during the preliminary investigation. Aman is currently in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima instructed the Bureau of Immigration to include in its Lookout Bulletin Atty. Isagani laluna and Wilante Labrador Fuentes believed to be officers of Aman Futures.

"The Bureau of Immigration is hereby directed to instruct all immigration officers to be on the lookout for the aforementioned individuals, should any of them pass through immigration counters in any of our international airports and/or seaports," the order read.

Any indication that both may be attempting to flee the country should be reported to the Secretary of Justice, the National Bureau of Investigation, and the DOJ National Prosecution Service (NPS).

"Immigration officers are directed to ensure that they will report all possible 'hits' immediately, and sufficiently in advance of the time of boarding or departure of the suspected subjects... in order to give concerned officials and law enforcement agents adequate time to assist in verifying the identity of the person(s) attempting to leave the country.

"Reports of possible 'hits' shall include the time and date of intended departure, country/ies of destination, flight number(s), etc." the order read.

Included in the lookout bulletin issued on Nov. 15 were Manuel Amalilio, founder of the Aman Futures Group; Fernando "Nonoy" Luna, Lelian Lim Gan, Eduard L. Lim, William L. Fuentes, Naezelle M. Rodriguez, Lurix Lopez, Prescilla Ann F. Co, Nimfa Luna, Rico Medina, Dhurwin Wenceslao, Reggie Luna, Araceli Pasco, Marilou Caballero, Shiela Luna Lasaca, Alfredo Aspira, P02 Ariel Real, Ernesto Luna, P03 Rey "Tata" Chang, Edward Amao, Maria Donna Coyme, Araceli Pasco Julian, Darwin Luna, Toto Caballero, Amay Caballero, Eric Lasaca, Judy Amarao, Edna Dalena, Dickens Dalena, Eva Dalena, Isojo K. Casil, Edna Caballero, Patrick V. Ceniza, Diosdado M. Mag-aso, Frederick M. Mag-aso, Leonita Duhaylungsod, Angelo Duhaylungsod, and Roger Tenajeros. (Leonard D. Postrado)