This $70 device makes it easy to stay connected in an older car — here's why shoppers love it

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The Echo Auto brings Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, to your car. (Image via Amazon).
The Echo Auto brings Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, to your car. (Image via Amazon).

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Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, has changed the way we many people use techcnology. From accessing our favourite apps to controlling smart home devices, products like the Echo Dot and Echo Show have modernized and streamlined our day to day lives. 

Now, people can bring the convenience of Alexa into their vehicles with the Echo Auto, a hands-free solution to staying connected while safely navigating the road. 

Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto - Amazon.
Echo Auto - Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $70

What is it?

The Echo Auto connects with your vehicle through Bluetooth allowing you to access music, stream apps like Audible and Sirius XM, hear the latest headlines, check the weather, set reminders, make phone calls and more. 

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The device features eight microphones and far-field technology so that the device can hear you over music and traffic noise. For privacy reasons, the Echo Auto features a button to disable all microphones, a feature that's available on all Amazon devices. 

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What people are saying

The Echo Auto has earned a 4-star rating from Amazon shoppers based on more than 1,600 customer reviews. Aside from being easy to use, shoppers like that the Echo enables you to use a virtual assistant through voice controls, even for older vehicles. 

"I drive a 2008 Volvo, which doesn't have Bluetooth. I used to have a gadget that sometimes worked with my phone to make it hands-free, but nothing like this!" one shopper wrote. "I love this Echo Auto! We have a few Echos in our home, and definitely like the sound and ease of use. When I saw this for my car, I jumped on it right away (thank you Amazon Prime Days). It's super easy to set up and use, and I've tried tons of different functions like calling, streaming Sirius XM, Amazon Music and GPS. Love it! We joke that it made my 2008 car brand new. Definitely recommend!"


"My car already had factory hands free and Android Auto but it never worked well," another said. "This Echo Auto was a great solution. It has amazing hearing and picks me up over road noise, wipers, heater, whatever. I am very pleased just using it to control my Android phone which often misses the 'Hey Google' command due mainly to placement in the holder. The bonus with using Echo Auto is that the Alexa driving interface is smoother than Android Auto on a phone. Again, the factory stereo failed in this regard so effectively this is a workaround but it is a really, really good one."

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Some shoppers have said it's a bit difficult to mount the Echo Auto to your vehicle. Amazon recommends attaching to your car's vents, however some Amazon customers have said they've purchased separate mounts which seem to work much better.


If your vehicle doesn't support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the Echo Auto might be for you. Amazon device users will love how easy it is to access the same features of your smart home device and have peace of mind that you can drive safely. 

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