Amazon wins patent for cell phone airbags

Airbags for mobile phones may soon be a step closer toward reality after retail giant Amazon has won a patent for it, a tech site reported this week.

The patent application, which seeks to protect devices with small airbags, was granted by the US Patent Trademark Office December 11, Engadget reported.

"Now, it's no longer just an application, as the USPTO officially has granted the patent to Amazon today. Of course, that still means it's likely a long ways from finding its way into an actual Amazon product (if it ever does), but don't be too surprised if your future Kindle Fire 4K XL 5G one day saves itself from an imminent demise," it said.

A separate article on CNET noted the system uses the device's built-in sensors to detect if it is falling - and deploying airbags.

CNET said Amazon suggested this may be used not only for phones and tablets but also computers, cameras, and video game controllers.

An image of Patent No. 8,330,305 B2 posted on showed it was granted Dec. 11. It named Gregory Hart and Jeffrey Bezos as inventors: Pat 8330305

The patent application described a "system and method of protecting devices from impact damage" where a protection system can be activated to "reduce or substantially eliminate damage to the device." — TJD, GMA News