Amon-Ra St. Brown

Fearless Forecast: 951 TOTAL YDS, 90 REC, 6 TD
Projected Rank: 25

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: Look, I really think that the haters for Amon-Ra St. Brown are making this way too complicated. Look, he's not going to average 11 targets per game, like he did the last four weeks of last season, but nobody's asking you to believe that. He's not getting ranked as a top-10 receiver or something like that. If he was going to average 11 targets per game, he'd be going off the board in the first, second, or even third round. He's not going anywhere close.

So I think he's a good bet at his ADP this year. I mean, obviously last year to end the season, he benefited from the absence of DeAndre Swift at times, the absence of TJ Hockenson. Those guys are going to be back this year. They added Jameson Williams. But Jameson Williams is not going to play, probably, in the early part of the season. He might not get ramped up until later in the year.

So I think Amon-Ra St. Brown-- like straight up, you don't do what Amon-Ra St. Brown did to end last year unless you're a really good player. And I think they'll continue to design a big role for him in the passing game. Because you just look at when he was starting to get ramped up. Again, I know it coincided with injuries, but it also coincided with Dan Campbell taking over the play-calling duties for Anthony Lynn. Anthony Lynn has been replaced by Ben Johnson as the offensive coordinator there.

Amon-Ra St. Brown in sort of a Bud Light Cooper Kupp role just makes so much sense with Jared Goff. So I don't really care that he's not going to do what he did last year. We all know that. We all accept it. But I still think he's a really good bet at ADP and somebody who can give you a rock solid weekly and season-long floor. Right now, I've got him for just under 1,000 yards, and I have him as my wide receiver 25. I think he catches 90 balls this year.

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