Andrea Brillantes, AkoSi Dogie face off in MLBB rap battle

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MOBILE Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans are in for a treat with an All-Star match of epic proportions!

The fun continues to level up in the 515 E-party, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s annual global-wide campaign. This year, TV Star and avid MLBB gamer Andrea Brillantes joins the celebration as she challenges MLBB personality, AkoSi Dogie into an epic Rap Battle as part of the upcoming All-Star Showdown.

What started out as a prank, now turned into an all-out war. Brillantes, also known by her in-game name, Blythe, pranked AkoSi Dogie into thinking that she didn’t know how to play MLBB. In their game, things got heated up. Brillantes vowed to be better at the game and told AkoSi Dogie that she will be forming a team to take him on.

These players will not just engage in a standard 5v5 battle with special guest teammates but also in 1-on-1 matches. The first match will be a 1v1 featuring the Pro Players, followed by a 1v1 with all of the players, and then the classic 5v5 match.

But it’s more than just several MLBB matches that both personalities are preparing for: Brillantes and AkoSi Dogie will also engage in a rap battle in “Bagsakan Legends,” the 515 E-Party All-Star Rap Battle.

Which side are you rooting for? Watch the official “Bagsakan Legends” video released on May 12 on all MLBB social media channels. (PR)

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