Andrew Mayne on conjuring magic and taking chances

[caption id="attachment_113507" align="alignright" width="253"] Andrew Mayne[/caption] Magician-illusionist-writer Andrew Mayne wants to visit the Philippines, which he admitted is among his dream destinations. "I've never been (there) but I would love to go visit the Philippines," he said in a phone interview, adding that he knows a lot of "very intelligent Filipino people," which he counts among his "mentors." Of these, he cites his head magic consultant Enrico dela Vega, as well as his Judo teacher as both Filipino. Born in Opelika, Alabama, Mayne's interest in magic began when his grandfather showed him how he could make a quarter vanish, only to make it reappear moments later in his shoe or sometimes, his belly button. "Until now I still don't have any idea how he did it," Mayne confessed. He earned recognition being the second youngest illusionist to embark on a world tour (the first was American illusionist David Copperfield). During tours, Mayne performed in resorts and luxury liners, traveling all over the world, visiting countries like Japan, Singapore and China. Mayne, who's dream magic trick is to make somebody's house disappear, shared that he wanted to be a scientist when he was younger. "(But)I just knew that I'm not going to be a scientist... I love science but in South Florida there were a lot of performers and magicians (who eventually changed my mind)," he said. Although he names Copperfield among his biggest inspirations, Mayne said that his magic tricks are different. "My big tricks are about somebody else's story and how I try to use magic to help them and that's what makes it interesting," he explained. Relating the most dangerous magic trick he ever performed, Mayne answered, "I take liquid nitrogen, pour it into a glass, I drink it, and I spit out the smoke or the steam... it's like fire eating, you have to learn how to do it in a certain way, or you'll kill yourself." 'Trust Me' Now considered as one of the most creative magician of his generation, Mayne will headline a new TV series titled "Don't Trust Andrew Mayne," which will start airing on April 1 via SkyCable Lifetime Channel 65. The 13-episode series will tell different kind of stories on how magic could be used in helping people solve personal problems. We asked him for the meaning behind the title of the series and he jested, "I think you should trust me and believe me... I don't think you should trust that title." He added, "Yeah, sure, sometimes I borrow things and I don't give them back, sometimes I make things blow up even if you don't want that to happen, but, face it, you got to take your chances." Despite the show's title, Mayne thinks that trust is very important to get someone's attention and interest. "I need you to believe that I'm going to be sincere and that you're going to be entertained and that it is worth your attention," he said.

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