Andy Reid defends Eric Bieniemy after LeSean McCoy criticism

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Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid has the utmost confidence in offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Reid came to Bieniemy's defense Friday after former Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy ripped Bieniemy's coaching style.

McCoy criticized Bieniemy while appearing on the "I Am Athlete" podcast. McCoy said Bieniemy has trouble relating to players. McCoy theorized that was the reason Bieniemy is not a head coach in the NFL.

Reid took issue with those comments, saying Bieniemy provides honest feedback, and that was something McCoy didn't want to hear at that point in his career, according to Pro Football Talk.

“Sometimes it’s hard on a veteran player,” Reid said. “Maybe their performance level isn’t what it used to be, and it’s hard to take sometimes. But [Bieniemy is] going to push you to try to maximize what you’ve got. That’s one of his strengths. ... He’ll come in and shoot you straight. Sometimes you want to hear it. Sometimes you don’t.”

McCoy spent one season with the Chiefs near the end of his career. He made nine starts for the Chiefs in 2019, rushing for 465 yards and four touchdowns. McCoy's career was close to over at that point. He signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, but only received 10 carries with the team.

Eric Bieniemy looking for head coaching gig

Bieniemy has been a popular head coaching candidate in the past, but has yet to secure that role. His recent track record is impressive. Bieniemy has overseen Patrick Mahomes' rise to being one of the NFL's best quarterbacks. Bieniemy's first season as the Chiefs' offensive coordinator was the first year Mahomes started in the NFL.

Since taking over as the Chiefs' starter, Mahomes has made four straight Pro Bowls. He was named to the All-Pro team in 2018. During that period, the Chiefs' offense has ranked within the top six in points scored every season.

Things should be more challenging for Bieniemy in 2022 after the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill in the offseason. If Bieniemy can overcome that loss and the Chiefs continue to post dominant offensive numbers, it will be hard to keep finding reasons to pass on Bieniemy as a head coach.

Eric Bieniemy with the Chiefs.
Eric Bieniemy has support from Andy Reid. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
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