Angel Locsin denies self-interest in supporting ABS-CBN against shutdown

Heidi Hsia

24 Feb – Angel Locsin recently took to social media to dismiss Vivian Velez's insinuation that her protest against ABS-CBN's shutdown was for the sake of her own monetary interest.

As reported on Push, the issue sparked recently when Velez - who has worked with Locsin in "Imortal" in the past, posted a list of the network's top 100 stockholders (as of 30 September 2019), which includes her name in the 29th spot - with a total share of P110,000.

The actress posted a screencap of Velez's post on her own Instagram account, and stressed that she is not a part of any political party, nor represents any politician.

"The General's Daughter" star also stated that she does not have an existing contract with ABS-CBN - therefore, the company has no control on whatever she wants to post.

"Sorry to disappoint some people, but money is not everything. I do not know what intention Ms. Vivian has in her post, but if it is used to discredit my name and what I stand for, you don't have to make it an issue. When I make my small investment in ABS-CBN, I WILL DONATE EVERYTHING TO CHARITY. Accounted. Again, money is not everything," she wrote.

(Photo Source: Angel Locsin Instagram)