Angelica Panganiban: You're responsible for your own happiness!

Heidi Hsia

5 Dec – Just as she had done while promoting her previous movies, Angelica Panganiban recently restarted her online series, "Ask Angelica" to promote her new film, "Unbreakable".

As reported on ABS-CBN News, the actress, known to fans as "hugot queen", took questions from netizens on the subject of love and romance, including one about losing the spark in relationship.

Instead of advising the fan on how to recreate the spark, Panganiban stated that one should examine one's individual happiness instead.

"You're not responsible for someone else's happiness. It's not your responsibility to make your partner happy. He is responsible for his own happiness. And of course, you are responsible for your own happiness," she said.

The actress added that happiness comes from two people who are happy with themselves, adding, "Everything will be okay, even if you are far from each other."

Panganiban also stated that one should make sure to still enjoy oneself and the things one does before questioning if there is still a spark in the relationship or there is still happiness in one's relationship.

(Photo Source: Angelica Panganiban Instagram)