Angie Mead King rebrands 3 Victoria Court branches as Hotel Ava

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#DareToBeDifferentHere: Angie Mead King rebrands her three Victoria Court branches as Hotel Ava, hoping to
#DareToBeDifferentHere: Angie Mead King rebrands her three Victoria Court branches as Hotel Ava, hoping to "inspire" companies to positively impact patrons and the environment. (Photos: Angie Mead King/Instagram; Victoria Court/Facebook)

As Pride Month nears its end, Angelina “Angie” Mead King invites guests to “celebrate” the rebranding of her three Victoria Court branches, now named Hotel Ava.

Is it a sign of the times? Yes, said the 42-year-old businesswoman on Instagram and Twitter. According to Mead King, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to “rethink how I operate my business, treat my employees, and what impact I have [on] the community.”

This is after the motel chain’s southern branches in Cuneta, Gil Puyat, and Malate (which Mead King manages) were shuttered in 2020. During that time as well, an unspecified number of employees were laid off in what was described by Atticus King, her brother who operates the northern branches, as a “deep retrenchment.”

Mead King also announced a number of worker benefits, including a basic salary of P16,808 and an additional P700 for rice allowance, free meals and coffee, reduced work schedules, and extended and paid maternity and paternity leaves among others. The car enthusiast also promised more environmentally friendly plans, including investing “heavily” in solar panels and using about 150,000 liters of rainwater for their plants.

“I hope with these radical changes we are implementing we can serve as an inspiration to other companies to try to rethink how they conduct business so that we truly make a difference on how we treat our environment and our people,” Mead King shared.

Though the decision was “truly difficult” for her at first, Mead King hoped that it would all get better in time, saying that she is “confident with our direction” and “we're going to be able to make a difference.”

This would not be the only time she expressed similar sentiments. According to an earlier June 17 Instagram post, Mead King remembered the time she challenged herself while caring for his ill father in Germany.

“I didn't want to wait till I was old to come out and live my truth. This was when I ended up telling Joey [Mead King, her wife] that I wanted to be more of myself in public. I had to dare to be different to become who I am. Today [at the time of posting], I dare myself to take on a new challenge with my Hotel,” she recalled.

Four days prior to her latest post, Mead King again reflected on the challenges that came with her decision, saying that “even till today we're continuing to figure out how to get all our green walls connected via drip system, what grow lights to use and which suppliers to get.”

She also shared her belief that change is constant, and that “it's easy to go back to what we know but it's always a challenge to figure out a new way to do things.”

“What I love about my team is that they are with me all the way as we push into the unknown, but it’s better than staying still and never knowing how far we can grow,” she concluded.

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