Angkas to support Cebu's delivery network

MOTORCYCLE taxi-hailing service Angkas, which has hundreds of riders in Cebu, wants to address the delivery contraints faced by micro, small and medium enterprises during this health and economic crisis.

Angkas chief transport advocate George Royeca told SunStar Cebu they want to support the delivery ecosystem in Cebu that has remained vital despite the lockdowns, for consumers and sellers to succeed in their business transactions.

Angkas quickly opened Angkas Padala after the government-mandated lockdown halted all modes of public transportation.

“We’re trying our best. In Cebu, there is a requirement for a delivery permit and those who were able to secure it are still very few. It’s a challenge but we are working with other providers and other major establishments, so bikers have daily sustenance until transportation will come back,” he said.

Royeca said Angkas always positioned itself as an alternative in the delivery of goods.

“The industry has come together to help both sides. They need delivery done, and we need jobs for our bikers. Everyone is doing what they can to pitch in,” he said.

Angkas, he described, has been looking to fill the gaps in the riding community.

Royeca added that these are services that are probably not in the existing available platforms.

“The gaps that we see, if it’s not there in any of the mediums that are pre-onboarded with the platform, then we can fill that,” he said.

Recently, Angkas proposed its health and safety protocols to the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases in the hope of helping the government initiate further studies to enhance the safety of motorcycle taxi services. (JOB)