Anne Curtis opens up about her motherhood journey: “I can’t imagine my life without Dahlia anymore.”

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We’ve always been curious about her personal life. Now, Anne Curtis shares about her motherhood journey. Read about her struggles and realizations here.

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  • Anne’s message to other moms

She’s probably one of the most sought-after celebrities in the country. She’s a versatile actress, TV host and a successful businesswoman. Now, Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff adds another title to her name, one that she’s super fond of – a hands-on mom to Dahlia.

On the latest episode of Between Us Queens, a podcast hosted by beauty queens Pia Wurtzbach, Carla Lizardo and Bianca Guidotti, the topic was all about motherhood, and who better to talk about her motherhood journey than the newest “It mom” who’s back in town, Anne Curtis.

Anne Curtis’ motherhood journey

After announcing her pregnancy on social media last November 2019, fans of the multi-hyphenate star have wondered what Anne would be like as a mother. She’s known to always give her best in everything that she does, so naturally, being a mom is no exception.

In fact, a few months before giving birth, Anne decided to take a break from the limelight to focus on getting ready for motherhood. She shared,

“That’s why we decided to go to Australia, so I can relax because I was such a workaholic. Until I was allowed to work, I was working.”

anne curtis motherhood
anne curtis motherhood

Image from Anne Curtis-Heussaff Instagram account

So Anne went on a vacation to her hometown with her husband, businessman Erwan Heussaff. There, during the start of pandemic, they welcomed their firstborn, Dahlia Amelie. Anne gave birth last March 2, 2020.

They spent the whole year raising Dahlia in Australia, and had just recently come back to the Philippines last February.

While a part of her was sad because some of the family members weren’t able to see Dahlia as a newborn, Anne was still very thankful for her experience, because it allowed her to spend so much time with her daughter.

“It was quite an experience, but I wouldn’t change any of it, because I did have so much quality time with my family, especially my daughter, Dahlia.” Anne said.

She loves spending every waking minute taking care of Dahlia’s needs and watching her little girl grow up.

“Every day I discover something new about her,” shared the new mom.

As she talked about her new role, one thing is apparent – Anne is obviously very much in love with her little girl. Like any mother, her life revolves around Dahlia now.

“I’m really enjoying myself, and I can’t imagine my life without Dahlia anymore,” she shared.

“Motherhood has been such an amazing experience for me,” said Anne. However, she admitted that it does not go without any challenges.

“One thing that nobody warned me about was the breastfeeding,” she confessed.

Balancing a career and mom-duties

anne curtis motherhood
anne curtis motherhood

Image from Anne Curtis-Heussaff Instagram account

In the podcast, the queens asked Anne to give her view on the topic of balancing a career and being a mom.

While she had no hesitations on taking a break before having Dahlia, she admitted that it would be challenging for her to go back to work, because she’s worried that she might miss out on some of her daughter’s milestones.

So how has her daily schedule changed now that she’s a mother?

“I get up now at 6:30 in the morning every day, bright and early. My bedtime is usually, 9:30, 10:30 pm.” shared Anne. “Anything that I get to do for leisure, for my own pleasure, whether it be podcasts like this or Zoom meeting calls, I usually time it around Dahlia’s naps.”

Now that her daughter’s older and a bit more independent, Anne gets to have some time for herself. “But most of the day, it’s all about Dahlia, and I love it,” she said.


Tips from her own mother

While they were in Australia, Anne also got to spend a lot of time with her mom, Carmen. How was the doting Lola and did she get any tips on raising her daughter?

“I have a feeling that my mom will be the kind of Lola na mas spoiled ‘yong apo,” Anne revealed. “More lenient.” In fact, the actress shared that whenever she would reprimand her little girl, Lola would always be like, “Okay lang ‘yan,”

anne curtis motherhood
anne curtis motherhood

Image from Anne Curtis-Heussaff Instagram account

However, she did get some valuable advice from Mommy Carmen. “The one thing that my mom did tell me aside from relax about your parenting, she told me to always trust your mom gutfeel.” Anne said. “Just trust yourself as a mom, kung ano ‘yong nafi-feel mo.”

For Dahlia

Anne Curtis’ motherhood journey is still in the early stages, but there’s already a lot of wisdom that she wants to impart to her little girl.

anne curtis motherhood
anne curtis motherhood

Image from Anne Curtis-Heussaff Instagram account

“One of the things that I would like to teach her growing up, I think, is for her to be kind and compassionate.

But at the same time, I would like for her to be strong and courageous and empowered, and to always have faith in herself, and to know that she’s loved.

I think it’s so important to let your children know and feel how loved they are,” she shared.

I just want her to grow into the best version of herself knowing that whoever she chooses to be, whatever her journey is.

She will always have someone behind her to catch her when she falls and to guide her no matter where the direction in life would lead her,” she said.

Message to other moms

She’s always inspired us with her passion and commitment, so with Mother’s Day coming up, does our new favorite celebrity mom have a special message to other moms?

“I just want to say, motherhood is definitely your own unique journey, so you do you.”

We’re so excited to hear about your journey, Mommy Anne!

To learn more about Anne Curtis’ motherhood journey and listen to the whole episode, tune in to Between Us Queens podcast on Spotify. Between Us Queens is hosted by 3 beauty queens – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, Bb Pilipinas International 2014 Bianca Guidotti, and Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental 2010 Carla Lizardo

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