Go anywhere, including your living room, with the Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack R/C truck

Joel Stocksdale
·1 min read

One of the hottest modifications to hit the off-road scene has been swapping wheels and tires for tank-style tracks. Various aftermarket companies make them, and we've even driven some OEM customs with the mods. Of course, the price of entry is steep, since you need a vehicle that can accommodate the tracks, and you have to buy said tracks. But soon you'll be able to have fun with treads for much less and at a more manageable scale, literally, thanks to the Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack remote control truck.

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The Quadtrack truck is 1/10 scale and uses a polycarbonate pre-painted body (that reminds us a lot of the first-generation Ford Ranger) and a plastic coil-sprung chassis. In case you're more familiar with R/C and Tamiya parts, it's a modified TT-02 chassis. Each track set is made up of a main sprocket and four rollers. One of the rollers is sprung for improved ride, and the tracks all pivot to aid climbing over obstacles. Two types of treads are included, a smooth one for most terrain, and "grouser" ones that dig into terrain that's made for snow and soft sand. The kit comes with a motor as well as a plastic shield for the electronics, but you'll have to supply your own battery pack.

The Landfreeder Quadtrack goes on sale in the first half of this year. Pricing hasn't been announced. For reference, a conventionally wheeled Landfreeder pickup kit, one with a different chassis, runs $278. We would expect the Quadtrack variant to be similarly priced, possibly a bit more expensive.

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