Apo Hiking through the years—a tribute to Sir Danny

Original Pinoy Music (OPM) is undergoing a resurgence in the national music scene and is now bigger thanks to social media. However, nothing beats a little blast from the past—and Apo Hiking Society is one group that should always come to mind.

For decades, Apo Hiking Society has been releasing hit after hit. Its rise in the ‘70s made them a household name in the Philippine music industry.

The trio went their separate ways in 2009, but have already marked their legacy as one of the most prominent musical groups in the Philippines.

On Oct. 31, one of the members, Danny Javier, passed away due to his prolonged illness.

Throughout the years, Apo Hiking Society’s music has always been about positivity and changing the world for the better. Its happy and warm tunes can easily lift anyone’s mood, and these have become reminders that there is so much to be happy about even when things get rough.

In memory of Danny, and the music that he made together with his bandmates for the past five decades, here are some of Apo Hiking Society songs that will give you that blast from the past.

“When I Met You”

This is the most popular song that Apo Hiking Society has ever released. Children today might say that this song gives off the ultimate “Domingo” vibes, but overall, the song has become a household tune to be played on any occasion.


This is probably Apo’s most covered song and it is constantly being reimagined by countless artists such as Sharon Cuneta and the most well-known cover by Moonstar88. “Panalangin” is that one romance song, whether you are single or not, that will get anyone falling in love or thinking about their ideal image of love. The song stands the test of time, and it is still very much loved by the older and younger generation.

“Batang-Bata Ka Pa”

If there is a song that is an ode to your younger self or a message to the youngsters who are growing up too fast and want to grow up fast, “Batang Bata Ka Pa” is the perfect song for anyone to listen and vibe to. Be comforted by its words, and let it be a balm to your tired and aching soul.

“Awit Ng Barkada”

Everyone participates in the band of life, and that is made better with the friends that have been there for you throughout the years. “Awit ng Barkada” is a message to those special people who have stuck with you through thick and thin, and is a reminder that you don’t have to trudge through the reality without a little help from our friends.

“Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko”

A classic Filipino Christmas tune that is endlessly along with Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas in our Hearts.” This song highlights the core of Filipino Christmas, how the holidays are always a time for family, and friends to reconnect and show how much they love and care for each other. Be reminded of the true essence Christmas—beautiful changes and remember the people that truly matter.