App for ‘contactless’ buying of goods at Mandaue market being developed

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WET and dry goods being sold at the Mandaue City Public Market will soon be sold through an online application, an official said on Friday, July 15, 2022.

Cesar B. Mercadal Jr., Mandaue City Public Market supervisor, told reporters they are set to conduct a consultation meeting with the market vendors regarding the idea of selling their goods online.

Mercadal said the proposal was initiated to increase the vendors’ sales and to provide the consumers with convenience.

Under the plan, market commodities will be displayed online through an application that will be called “Marketplace,” an app similar to Facebook’s marketplace feature, where buyers can directly interact and book transactions through their smartphones.

Mercadal said transactions would possibly be done through GCash, a mobile wallet operated by Globe Telecom, but they are yet to verify if they would also consider other options such as allowing transaction of the goods through cash on-delivery.

How to use the app

Once you confirm the transaction, the goods you bought will be delivered to you by a delivery service or courier.

Buyers would not need to go physically to the market, said Mercadal.

Mercadal said once the app gets approval from the city, they will negotiate with delivery services and licensed riders concerning the transport of the goods. This would also serve as extra income for those riders to battle against the continued increase in prices of fuel products.

As for the price, Mercadal said that as much as possible, the prices of goods online should mirror the actual prices in the market.

He, however, cannot confirm yet if there will be a service fee for every transaction.

If this pushes through, Mandaue City Public Market would be the first public market to have an online selling application.

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