Apple eyeing new display for next iPhone?

Apple Inc. may be veering away from its "in-cell" touch technology and considering a new display tech for its next-generation iPhone, a tech site reported.

CNET quoted a Chinese-language article on The China Times, which cited supply chain rumors that Apple is evaluating a "Touch On Display" from Innolux.

"The reason for the change, the report claims, is due to interference with the current in-cell technology where both the display and touch are embedded in the same panel. By comparison, the Touch On technology offers 'good' touch sensitivity with minimal thickness, something that's become increasingly import as mobile phones get thinner," CNET said (

It also cited rumors in recent weeks that Apple is readying an "intermediary" upgrade to the iPhone 5 and may release it as soon as spring.

Reported shots of the supposed upgrade's rear casing surfaced last month on a French technology blog.

Innolux, formerly Chimei Innolux, was listed by Apple last year as one of its component suppliers.

The CNET article said display technology has been a major feature of the iPhone. Apple had increased the resolution of the iPhone display while keeping it at 3.5 inches.

As such, the display remains one of the iPhone's most expensive parts. — TJD, GMA News