Apple selects the best iPad apps for 2011

Snapseed photo editing app for iPad

Photo editing app Snapseed has been awarded the best app of the year award in the iPad category in Apple’s Rewind 2011 selection.

The $4.99 app lets you easily and professionally edit photos on your iPad using tools such as Auto Correct, Tune Image and Selective Adjust, plus fun filters on the finger-friendly interface.

iPad App of the year runners-up include $9.99 music mixing app djay and Jamie Oliver’s free step-by-step recipe app Jamie’s Recipes.

Electronics Arts' sci-fi-themed first person shooter Dead Space for iPad ($4.99) won the award for best iPad game in 2011. iPad game of the year runners-up include the eerie, art-infused puzzle game Contre Jour ($2.99) and retro-themed action adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP ($4.99).

Angry Birds picked up three out of the top ten positions in the top paid iPad apps of 2011 category and two out of the top free iPad apps category for the year. Apple-made apps Pages, GarageBand and Keynote also made it into this year’s top ten paid apps list.

Apple’s selection of top iPad apps by category for 2011:
Books - Al Gore - Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis
Business - Roambi Flow
Education - NYPL Biblion: World’s Fair
Entertainment - The Civil War Today
Finance - StockTouch
Games - Infinity Blade II
Health & Fitness - iMuscle
Lifestyle - Appetites
Medical - EyeDecide
Music - GarageBand
Navigation - MotionX GPS Drive HD
News - Zite Personalized Magazine
Newsstand - Project Magazine
Photo & Video - iMovie
Productivity - Pages
Reference - Qwiki
Social Networking - Find My Friends
Sports -
Travel - Sullivan’s List
Utilities - Living Earth HD
Weather - Magical Weather

Top 10 paid iPad apps for the year:

  1. Angry Birds HD
  2. Pages
  3. Angry Birds Seasons HD
  4. GarageBand
  5. Angry Birds Rio HD
  6. Penultimate
  7. Fruit Ninja HD
  8. Cut the Rope HD
  9. Scrabble for iPad
  10. Keynote

Top 10 free iPad Apps for the year:

  1. Angry Birds HD Free
  2. The Weather Channel
  3. Netflix
  4. CNN App for iPad
  5. Angry Birds Rio HD Free
  6. Kindle
  7. Skype for iPad
  8. Calculator for iPad Free
  9. Pandora Radio
  10. Calculator Pro for iPad Free