Apple tweaks new iPhone 13 to lure 5G upgrade


"This is what drives us to create the best iPhone possible….to create an experience unlike any other with legendary ease of use…this is iPhone 13!"

Apple CEO Tim Cook doubled-down on his company's main money-maker Tuesday, introducing four versions of the new iPhone 13.

There are incremental improvements like sleeker and more colorful outsides, faster processing chips inside, brighter screens, better graphic displays, and sharper cameras in these newer models - all aimed at getting those who still hold an iPhone X or older version to finally let go and upgrade to 5G, the next generation of wireless technology.

VP for Product Marketing for the iPhone Kaiann Drance:

"Millions of millions of iPhone users are already experiencing 5G every day for faster downloads and uploads, lower latency, and new experiences on the go. The world is moving quickly to 5G. We are collaborating with more carrier partners for the best call quality, performance, coverage and battery life."

Apple isn't the only one eager to get customers to trade-up, mobile carriers are throwing in discounts that could ultimately make the cost of the upgrade free.

There's an iPhone 13 mini, which starts at $699, and the iPhone 13 beginning at $799, with some wireless carriers willing to throw in up to $700 for qualifying trade ins.

The higher-end Pro versions are priced at $999 and $1099. The trade in offers are up to $1,000.

All four models will be available beginning September 24th.

The iPhones aren't the only things getting a nip and a tuck.

iPads are getting new cameras, plus the mini is getting 5G connectivity.

And the new Apple Watch will have a bigger display screen and a full on-screen keyboard for typing.

Adjustments to make it work better with updates to the Apple Fitness subscription service, which will now have group workouts.

The new Apple Watch 7 will ship later this fall with a price tag starting at $399.

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