Apple wins legal dispute over domain names

Apple Inc. has won a dispute for four Internet domain names related to its popular products like the iPod and MacBook Pro.

In an October 3 decision, a panel of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ordered four domains transferred to Apple.

The panel, deciding on WIPO Case D2011-1390, awarded the following domain names to Apple:

Apple was the complainant in the case, while the respondent was "Domain Admin."

News blog Fusible noted the dispute was filed in August, while the decision follows a big win over back in late July (

But it noted two additional cases are still open with WIPO, which include:
(case no. D2011-1387),,, and
(case no. D2011-1388)

Fusible also said Apple also officially took ownership this week of and in a separate case it won in late September.

A separate article on The Next Web said Apple has been known to pay millions of dollars for domains relevant to its products, including a reported $4.5 million for

But it also seeks to file WIPO disputes over domains that are not too integral to the use of its products and services, reducing its outlay on obtaining the domains. — TJD, GMA News