Applications for British Council IELTS Awards 2022 open for East Asian students

An attendee of the IELTS Fair last 2019 looking at a computer. (Photo from IELTS British Council Philippines/Facebook)
An attendee of the IELTS Fair last 2019 looking at a computer. (Photo from IELTS British Council Philippines/Facebook)

Undergrads and postgrads of East Asia can now apply for the 2022 British Council IELTS Awards, their branch in the Philippines announced on April 29.

Launched in 2011, the awards hope to help students in English-speaking higher education institutions that recognize IELTS as an admission requirement. All to help students “pursue their dreams in any discipline they desire.”

Three winners from Hong Kong/Macau, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as the Philippines (despite being in Southeast Asia) have a chance to win cash prizes of up to P544,000 (around £8,000).

Regarding this, Lotus Postrado, British Council Director Philippines, said that “Filipino students can take on the world, given the chance. We hope that through opportunities like the IELTS prize, we are able to provide that chance for students seeking to fulfil[l] their dreams of honing their expertise through study, and offer a small, financial respite during these trying times.”

The IELTS, formally known as the International English Language Testing System, is said to test and hone the takers’ English literacy skills, in preparation for studying, working, or residing in predominantly English-speaking countries. It is composed of four components: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The “band scores” from each component are averaged, rounded-off, then ranked based on a nine-point scale. While 9 (expert user) is the highest possible score, the lowest is 1 (non-user). Applicants may gain a score of 0 if they made no attempt to answer any of the questions.

For a successful application, interested individuals must have at least a band score of 6 (competent users) in every component of a test taken on or before April 1 of this year. They must also be studying either locally or overseas during the 2022-2023 academic year at any course. Winners must also provide a letter of acceptance from their respective host universities by July 29.

Applications close on July 15, at exactly 6 PM. Hong Kong time. After being shortlisted then interviewed around that month, winners will be notified through email this August.

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