Late archbishop Camomot moves closer to sainthood

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THE late Cebuano archbishop Teofilo Camomot is moving a step closer to sainthood.

This after the Archdiocese of Cebu was notified by the Theological Commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Vatican City that it gave a “unanimous affirmative vote” to Camomot’s heroic virtues.

In a statement, the Archdiocese said nine out of nine members of the Congregation’s theological commission voted to approve the “positio” on Camomot’s heroic virtues.

The positio or the dissertation on a sainthood candidate’s life was required for the first step toward Camomot’s sainthood.

Fr. Mhar Vincent Balili, vice postulator on Camomot’s cause of canonization, told SunStar Cebu that after the late archbishop’s positio is approved in the commission level, it will be forwarded for further examination before another commission composed of bishops and cardinals working under the Congregation.

Upon completion of their study, the cause will be presented to Pope Francis for his approval.

If Pope Francis gives his approval, Camomot will be considered “Venerable,” the second step towards sainthood.

Currently, Camomot is a “Servant of God,” a title given to him by Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma while his cause for sainthood is still under investigation.

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