Archdiocese on the hunt for 2 miracles to help Camomot sainthood

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NOW that the late Archbishop Teofilo “Lolong” Camomot has been declared “Venerable” by Pope Francis, officials of the Archdiocese of Cebu in charge with the late prelate’s cause for sainthood admitted that it may take some time before they can proceed towards the next step which is beatification.

Fr. Mhar Vincent Balili, parish priest of the Mary Help of Christians Parish in Barangay Buhisan, Cebu City and vice postulator for Camomot’s cause, told SunStar Cebu that despite collecting numerous testimonies from various people who claimed to have been healed through the late prelate’s intercession, none of them have yet to qualify as a genuine miracle that help push Camomot’s cause.

Balili said that two miracles are required in order to push for Camomot’s cause, one for his beatification and another for sainthood.

But the miracles or “favors” that people received allegedly because of Camomot’s intercession will also need to be assessed not just by church officials but also by medical doctors to determine if what they experienced is truly a sign of the late prelate’s holiness.

“While the diocesan process has already been concluded, our work in promoting Camomot’s cause is far from over,” Balili said.

Balili said he and his fellow co-postulators were able to gather a lot of testimonies from many people who claimed to have been healed by Camomot’s intercession, but they didn’t pass the requirements needed to be declared as “miraculous” in nature.

Balili said in order for a “miracle” to be able to pass scrutiny, the person who was able to gain should be healed of a life-threatening and incurable ailment and that his or her healing cannot be explained by doctors.

But Balili said that while their search for a genuine miracle for Camomot continues, he urged the Catholic faithful to continue praying for the late prelate’s cause.

He also urged members of the clergy and the lay faithful to continue the propagation of Camomot’s cause to all parts of Cebu and the world as a way to increase interest in his cause.

For now, Balili said the Archdiocese is set to organize a Thanksgiving Mass to celebrate Camomot’s elevation to the status of “Venerable.”

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma is set to meet with Balili, his co-postulators and other officials of the Archdiocese to discuss their plans for the thanksgiving mass. (JKV)

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