This architect offers to rebuild homes, businesses in Siargao. Here’s how you can help

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Typhoon Odette (international name Rai) was the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year. Classified by international agencies as a super typhoon, the storm made nine total landfalls in different parts of the country—first barreling through Siargao, leaving many of its locals homeless and stranded on the island.

Architect Tamara Juco, who established an architectural practice in Siargao, has offered her services to people whose homes or businesses are in need of repairs after the storm.

The architect mentioned that any repairs or builds will begin in January next year.

Architect Tamara called to her co-architects, engineers and contractors for the donation of construction supplies, especially for roofing and electrical materials.

• G.I roof & umbrella nails

• Common nails

• 3/4 plywoods

• Paints

• THHN wires

• Light bulbs

• Electrical pipes

• Outlets/switches

• Solar lights

Architect Tamara said that consultation is free for small businesses, and that she will not do mark-ups for the materials and labor.

As the community comes together to help, the architect hopes to rebuild Siargao “in less than 3 months.”

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