Ariana Grande's Lord of the Rings elf-style makeover is beautifully unworldly

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Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
Photo credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Ariana Grande performed her song 'off the table' with The Weeknd.

We know Ariana loves a theme and for her latest project, it appears she has been inspired by those unworldly Lord of the Rings elves.

The entire set was covered in grass and wild flowers to really give that fairy vibe, but it was Ariana's hair and makeup that really gave us Legolas flashbacks.

Hairstylist Josh Liu was behind her half up ponytail and if his inspiration was not Orlando Bloom, we'll be sorely disappointed.

Josh plaited Ariana's face-framing tendrils which in this case further added to the Elder Children look, but is a '70s style that is making a return. See Chris Appleton's beach waves hack for his take on it.

On makeup was Ash Holm who really pushed that other worldly ethereal look with super glowing skin which highlighted Ariana's incredible cheekbones.

While Ash stuck to Ariana's signature winged liner, she also added a soft brown floating liner, which further added to the playfulness of her look.

We're just gutted that no one got the prosthetics out to work on some elvin ears. C'mon, Ariana totally has the bone structure to pull them off don't you think?

Well, all that's left for us to do on this boiling hot sunny day is start a LOTR marathon.

Thank you reigniting our Legolas obsession, Ariana.

Much appreciated.

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