Arjo Atayde still consider half-sister part of the family

20 Nov – Arjo Atayde recently spoke up for the first time about the existence of his half-sister, Pia Marie, saying that he still considers her part of the family.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actor who opened up about Pia after his mother, actress Sylvia Sanchez's previous confession on "Magandang Buhay" about giving birth to a daughter when she was seventeen, said that the only reason Pia is not in their family photos is because she chose to have her own life.


"She chose to live with her dad than with us," he said.


Nonetheless, the actor said, Pia is still part of the family and remains close to his heart.


He continued, "She is my sister. No matter what the issue is at the end of the day, you are family. Whether there is a problem or not, you back each other up, you know."


"But life is life. There are some things that you have to move on from. Some things you won't forget but you have to let go," he added.


In related news, Atayde will be working with his actress mother in the upcoming series, "Hanggang Saan".


(Photo Source: Arjo Atayde Instagram)