Armed Men Break Into Cars in Minneapolis Parking Lot

Armed men broke into cars in a McDonald’s parking lot in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the early hours of December 5, witness video shows.

Rebecca Brannon says she recorded the incident from inside her car moments after one of the men “came out of nowhere & fired his gun into the air” in front of her.

“I watched while he & his friends took about 15 minutes breaking into/ starting up two cars. A second individual in all black also had a gun. Police never showed up – they then drove off in the two cars, the same guy again shot off his gun outside the the passenger window,” Brannon tweeted.

“Should add – those guys definitely saw me, but I pretended not to see or dare look their way & pretended to eat. And I’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot especially during the riots of 2020 – but I had no idea where that gun was going to be pointed… it’s not a good feeling.” Credit: Rebecca Brannon via Storyful

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