ARQ guard Rendell Senining: ‘Walang game fixing nangyari’

Jonas N. Panerio
·2 min read

ARQ Builders Lapu-Lapu City Heroes guard Rendell Senining finally broke his silence regarding the controversy surrounding him and his team in the wake of their farcical game against the Siquijor Mystics in the 2021 Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas VisMin Cup on Wednesday afternoon, April 14, at the Alcantara Civic Center.

Appearing on the Breaking by Mikee show of former University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons guard Mikee Reyes, the tearful 25-year-old apologized for his actions and reiterated that no “game fixing” happened.

“Walang game fixing nangyari,” emphasized Senining, who earlier on Thursday, April 15, received a season-long suspension from the VisMin Cup. “We were there to play the game right. But we didn’t handle it right. We handled it poorly.”

Senining explained that his emotions got the best of him on that fateful play that was captured on camera and became viral on social media.

He added that he was trying to serve to the Mystics what they were serving his team.

“They were really trying to let us score. It was very unusual for me. It was fishy,” shared Senining. “Our gameplan was to have a strong start but iba ang nangyari. They just let us score. It’s disrespectful to the game and we got offended. Kung ano man ang sinerve nila sa amin, we just served it back to them.”

On that play, Senining was on the receiving end of a flagrant foul from Siquijor guard Jopet Quiro. He trooped to the line and then, shot the first free-throw with his left hand before shooting the next with his right. The play gained a lot of notoriety and was severely criticized by basketball personalities including several PBA stars.

Senining said the play was born out of the opposing team’s disrespect towards the game, but later on, he also realized that he too ended up showing the same disrespect.

“My emotions were very high. I forgot that we were on live. I was on autopilot. I disrespected the game as well,” shared Senining.

“I’m really sorry to all the basketball enthusiasts sa Pilipinas. I admit that I was wrong and it would never happen again. I’ve learned my mistake. It was really unacceptable,” he continued. “It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life but one thing for sure, if that situation happens again, I’ll know what to think and what to do.”

On the verge of tears, Senining appealed for forgiveness to everyone who saw the clip.

“I’m very sorry and if nabastos kayo sa ginawa ko, I hope one day, maybe not now, ma-forgive nyo ako. Sometimes in life, hindi tayo makacontrol ng emotions natin. The emotions get the best of us. Sa lahat sa mga nakakita nun, sa mga pro, I’m very sorry. It was a bad sight to see,” he said.