Arrests as Housing Insulation Campaigners Block Motorway for Second Time

A group campaigning for housing insulation in the UK caused traffic chaos for a second time in three days around London on September 15, as they again blocked several junctions of the M25.

Police in Surrey, Kent and Hertfordshire reported disruption to the motorway. Sky News reported at least 25 activists, including an 82-year-old, had been detained.

The action followed a series of protests on September 13 when five junctions were blocked and 77 arrests made.

Footage sent to Storyful by the group shows activists on the M25 in Surrey between Junction 8 and 9.

The protesters also sent images described as showing hands “glued” to the road surface.

Insulate Britain demanded in a statement that the “government gets on with the job of insulating Britain’s homes.”

They said actions would continue “until the government makes a meaningful commitment to insulate Britain’s 29 million leaky homes,” which they described as some of the “most energy inefficient in Europe.” Credit: Insulate Britain via Storyful

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