New artist Julia Q launches debut single ‘Tug of War’

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Cebu City’s freshest artist, Julia Q. just released her debut single “Tug of War.”

No, listening to the track won’t deliver nearly the amount of physical stress playing the game in real life or like how it’s done on “Squid Game.” In fact, the smooth, new-school R&B single finds itself looking up to OG sounds like those of Aaliyah, an artist that producer Cattski Espina reminds her of while working with Julia Q.

“I noticed Julia had a natural R&B swag—something that she didn’t initially discover about herself,” recalled Espina, while she worked with Julia Q. and another artist, Jericho Streegan on a previous single.

The producer revisited one of Julia Q’s demos and recommended a change in title, tempo and sound. The result? A pop/R&B bop that’s “smoother than butter.”

“The song is about being in a relationship with someone and it’s getting toxic or unhealthy, but you still kind of want to hold on to the thought of you guys being together and what you once had,” shared Julia Q.

Espina is also delighted with Julia Q’s way with words lyrically and musically.

“[“Tug of War”] is also kind of clever in terms of wordplay. I was impressed with how she grouped some words together in one measure and eased out in the next.”

While listeners may find themselves chilling with the groove, the track still highlights and delivers the emotional tension worthy of its title.

“Tug of War” is written by Julia Quijano and produced by Cattski Espina. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Room Eleven Recording Studio.

Julia Q. is the latest talent addition to 22 Tango Records’ roster of artists.

“Tug of War” is available on all streaming platforms. An EP or full album might be in the works, but for now, check out the track’s lyric video on 22TangoTV on YouTube.

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