Ashkelon Resident Ducks Inside as Missile Strikes Outside Apartment

At least 15 rockets hit locations in Ashkelon, Israel, on Wednesday, May 12, local news reported.

The Times of Israel reported at least 20 people were injured in the strikes on Wednesday.

Video filmed by a resident of Ashkelon shows a missile strike in front of their apartment building as sirens ring out.

The Israel Defense Forces said on May 12 that more than 1,500 rockets had been fired from Gaza in a 72-hour period. Seven people were reported killed in Israel. In response, the IDF said it was carrying out its most extensive strikes against targets in the Gaza Strip since 2014.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said at least 87 people had been killed in Gaza, including 18 children, and at least 530 people were injured. Credit: @olgaturevsky via Storyful