Asian Superstar Anggun sings latest single onboard Wish 107.5 bus

MANILA, Philippines – Anggun admits being captivated anew by the talent of Filipinos with the concept of the Wish 107.5 bus, the only FM Radio on wheels in the country.

“I love the concept. I really love it. It’s really something refreshing,” she said.

“You know the fact that we sing live here. It’s one of those things that are precious because sometimes there are not many places that you can showcase your songs. It’s really a nice concept. I want to do this again,” Anggun added.

Aside from being a singer, Anggun Cipta-Sasmi is also known for thoroughly assessing the talents of Asians as one of the judges of the ‘Asia’s Got Talent’.

And upon her return to the Philippines, the Asian Superstar shared her talent to her Filipino fans.

“When I sing in front of a crowd who love music, you sort of have that kind of you know… it’s like your fuel. So being here it’s like reminding me how much music is important in my life and in their life. And that is just wonderful feeling to have,” said Anggun.

On board the Wish 107.5 bus, Anggun sang some of her singles in her new album entitled ‘8’.

“It’s really close to my heart. I’m very honest when I was writing this album and I think though it does come from the woman’s perspective but I guess a lot of people can relate to it,” Anggun added.

Anggun is a famous singer-songwriter in Indonesia. Her song ‘Snow on the Sahara’ was among her worldwide hit singles in the 90’s.

She visited the Philippines for the promotion of her new album. – Leslie Longboen | UNTV News & Rescue

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