Assassins, Saging Warriors GO 2-0

THE Assassins and the Saging Warriors are off to a hot start in the Casa Mira Basketball League Season 2 after going 2-0 in the tournament.

The Assassins squeaked past the Reapers, 106-103, after a 50-point explosion by the Divinagracias on Dec. 1 2019 at the Casa Mira Linao basketball court.

Brian Divinagracia put up 40 points, while Gil Divinagracia added 30. Lison Alcantara chipped in 20.

John Tocao led the Reapers with 24 markers, while Nazarine Artis added 21.

The Assassin also had a close 71-70 win over the Generals in their opening game the other weekend.

The Saging Warriors, meanwhile, beat the Generals, 72-65.

Lindon Gara had 22 points for the Warriors, while Errol Dela Cruz scored 24 for the Generals.

The Warriors won against the Ninjas, 94-91, in their season opener.

In other games, the Generals beat the Pirates, 82-79; the Reapers outlasted the Pirates, 93-88; and the Ninjas crushed the Hunters, 90-61. (EKA)