Assunta de Rossi welcomes miracle baby

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

26 Oct – After years of waiting, Assunta de Rossi has finally welcomed her first child.

The actress shared the good news on social media last weekend with a photo of her newborn daughter, and revealed that she and husband Jules Ledesma have named their first child Giulia Fiorentina Alessandra.

"GIULIA- Just like how you pronounce Julia (sorry, no letter J in the Italian alphabet) as a tribute to her paternal great-grandfather, Don Julio. FIORENTINA- as a tribute to her paternal great-grandmother, Doña Florentina aka lola Puring (lola's name is the Spanish version). ALESSANDRA- as a tribute to my sister and our lola Alejandra aka Inang. Plus, I like its meaning, fender/protector. So there you have it! I hope she knows how much we wanted her."

Her sister and fellow actress Alessandra de Rossi also expressed her happiness over the birth of her niece, sharing a photo of Assunta and her baby on her Instagram, writing, "This is the most beautiful photo for life! Little Fiore and tears of joy in my sister's eyes."

"Almost 20 years in the making! Miracles happen every day, and this one is the best!" she added.

de Rossi first announced the pregnancy back in May, calling it a miracle as it was difficult for a person to get pregnant the natural way if they - like her - have both myoma and endometriosis.

(Photo Source: msderossi Instagram)