Atio Castillo’s parents insist hazing, not heart condition, did him in

Parents of Atio Castillo

MANILA, Philippines – The parents of Atio Castillo refuted the allegation of some Aegis Juris members that it’s not hazing but heart condition that caused his death.

The respondents are quoting the autopsy report of the Manila Police that the cause of Atio’s death is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a pre-existing heart condition.

But the couple said, the findings of Manila Police is provisional and it was clear in the autopsy report of the PNP Crime Laboratory that severe injuries led to the death of the victim.

“Atio died because of blunt trauma because of hazing and not because of the heart condition,” said Castillo family counsel Atty. Lino Chris Kapunan.

“He suffered from hematoma. He was black and blue and lifeless,” Atio’s father Horacio Castillo Jr. said.

They also said there is enough evidence to indict the several Aegis Juris members,

Not only for violation of the Anti-Hazing Law, but for murder, robbery, and obstruction of justice as well.

The Castillo couple is still grieving Atio’s death especially when they see the respondents seemingly remorseless.

“I really want them in jail,” Atio’s mother Carmina Castillo said.

“Every time there is a hearing, we can see that they feel no remorse. So it’s very hard for us to take it just sitting down,” Castillo Jr. said.

The respondents have until November 16 to file their final pleading and after which, the DOJ panel will resolve the case. – Roderic Atio | UNTV News & Rescue

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