Autosweep RFID Guide: Hassle-Free, Quicker Travel for Motorists

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AutoSweep RFID Guide | Moneymax
AutoSweep RFID Guide | Moneymax

Do you often use the expressways on your daily trips? You know how long queues can get—it can take you half an hour or longer to line up for toll fee payment. And when you get to the toll booth, you’ll have to look for change.

But the Autosweep RFID system has changed it all. Since the Toll Interoperability Project of the Department of Transportation was implemented in December 2017, motorists who travel from the south can go straight to toll plazas in the north, and vice-versa.

Cashless transactions and reduced time spent at the toll gates are the greatest appeal of the radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Apart from this, full use of both Autosweep and Easytrip RFIDs will soon be implemented in major expressways in the Philippines. With that said, it’s important that you get your Autosweep RFID as soon as possible. Here’s a quick guide for you:.

Autosweep RFID Coverage

autosweep rfid guide - where to use autosweep rfid
autosweep rfid guide - where to use autosweep rfid

Photo by Judgefloro via Wikimedia Commons

Autosweep can be used in the following expressways:

  • Metro Manila Skyway

  • South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)

  • NAIA Expressway (NAIAX)

  • Star Tollway

  • Muntinlupa–Cavite Expressway (MCX)

  • Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union Expressway (TPLEX)

Autosweep and Easytrip: What’s the Difference?

You might be confused between Autosweep and Easytrip. Both are RFID systems that provide contactless and cashless payments in major tollways in the Philippines. Autosweep is for tollways under the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) Infrastructure while Easytrip is for tollways managed by the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC). For a better comparison, see the table below:

Tollway Operator


Accepted RFID











C5-Link Flyover















STAR Tollway








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Autosweep RFID Application

autosweep rfid guide - autosweep application
autosweep rfid guide - autosweep application

Instagram photo by @sweepcard

You can get an Autosweep RFID for free and enroll up to five vehicles under one account. It’s easy to apply for one, whether for personal or corporate use.

How to Get an Autosweep RFID

  1. Download the subscription form on the Autosweep RFID website[1].

  2. Print and fill out the form.

  3. Gather and photocopy the Autosweep requirements (see the list below).

  4. Submit your supporting documents to any Autosweep RFID installation site[2] or temporary booth at various locations.

  5. Pay the initial load:
    – PHP 500 (Class 1 vehicles: cars, motorcycles, vans, taxis, and jeepneys)
    – PHP 1,000 (Class 2 and 3 vehicles: light trucks, buses, and multi-axled trucks)

  6. Wait for your Autosweep to be activated after two to 12 hours (for first-time RFID applicants) before using it in toll booths.

During your Autosweep RFID application, an RFID sticker will be installed either on the upper portion of your vehicle’s windshield or headlights (if your windshield is heavily tinted).

In addition to the RFID sticker, you’ll be issued a plastic card that you can use when the scanner cannot read the sticker. So bring this card in your car all the time.

Requirements for Autosweep RFID Application

Personal use:

  • Valid ID

  • Vehicle’s certificate of registration and official receipt (OR/CR)

Business use:

  • DTI/SEC registration documents

  • BIR registration papers

  • Secretary’s Certificate[3]

  • Valid ID of the company president

  • Valid ID of the authorized representative

  • Vehicle’s certificate of registration and official receipt (OR/CR)

Autosweep RFID Enrollment in Easytrip

To be able to use your Autosweep RFID in the toll gates of NLEX, CAVITEX, and SCTEX, you need to register first for an Easytrip account.

Here are the steps that first-time users of the Autosweep RFID should know:

How to Register Autosweep to Easytrip

  1. Go to any of these registration stations:
    – Balintawak Customer Service Center in NLEX
    – TOTAL gas station in Kawit, Cavite
    – Parañaque Southbound POS in CAVITEX.

  2. Show your Autosweep card to the ESC POS (Easytrip Services Corporation Point of Sale).

  3. Wait while the ESC POS inspects your card. It will check if the Autosweep tag is working, if the tag has EPC & TID Numbers, and if your vehicle already has an Easytrip/EasyDrive tag.

  4. Accomplish the subscription form and sign the Terms and Conditions. Filling out an Auto Debit form is optional.

  5. Pay PHP 500 for your Easytrip account’s initial load.

  6. The ESC POS will stick your Easytrip account number on your Autosweep card.

Your account will be activated after three working days, which means you can already use your Autosweep tag at any MPTC tollway. You’ll also receive a text notification from the ESC about when you can claim your Easytrip card.

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How to Use Autosweep Sticker and Card

Simply breeze through the toll gates of expressways, and the scanner will read your RFID sticker. If the scanner can’t read the sticker, present your Autosweep card to the teller in the toll booth. Also, report the incident to Autosweep through its customer hotline: (02) 318-8655(TOLL) or email:

Can I Borrow Another Person’s Autosweep?

Because the RFID card contains the owner’s vehicle plate number and account number, it isn’t transferrable. So you can’t borrow your dad’s or friend’s card (or lend your card to others) to pass through toll plazas.

If you’re selling your vehicle or handing it down to your child or sibling, request for termination of your Autosweep account for that car first. Just use the Subscriber Request Form[4] to deactivate the card.

Autosweep RFID Balance Inquiry

Always check and ensure you have sufficient balance on your account. The minimum net balance must be PHP 100 after toll fee deduction.

Your RFID card will be confiscated if you pass an RFID lane and your balance is zero or insufficient to pay for your toll fee. To avoid confiscation, observe the maintaining balance requirement or don’t take the RFID lane if your balance is lower than that.

How to Check Autosweep RFID Balance via SMS

Simply send a text message using the mobile number and plate number registered under your Autosweep account.

Type the SMS in this format: AUTOSWEEP<space>BALINQ<space>Plate Number


Then send to any of these numbers:

  • Globe: (0917) 860-8655

  • Smart: (0918) 860-8655

How to Check Autosweep RFID Balance Online

autosweep rfid guide - autosweep balance online
autosweep rfid guide - autosweep balance online

Another way to view your balance is to use the Autosweep RFID website. Simply access its Balance Inquiry page.

If you haven’t registered for an online account yet, fill out the fields under the Register Account section. Provide your account number, plate number, email address, and complete name.

If you already have an online account, log in using your email address and password under the Sign-In Account section.

Autosweep RFID Reloading Guide

How to Load Autosweep RFID

Topping up your Autosweep account is a straightforward process. Just present your RFID card to any reloading site located in select gas stations and bills payment centers and pay for your load.

  • Petron stations

  • Shell stations

  • Bayad Center

  • SM Bills Payment Centers

  • Robinsons Department Store Business Centers

  • San Mig Food Ave.

  • ECPay outlets (e.g., 7-Eleven CLiQQ)

  • TouchPay partner merchants

  • Bank of Commerce

  • EON branches

  • Direct Agent 5 (DA5)

  • Tambunting Pawnshop

  • RD Pawnshop

How to Load Autosweep RFID Online

You may add balance to your Autosweep account via the following online banking channels and e-wallets:

  • PayMaya


  • BPI

  • Bank of Commerce

  • UnionBank EON

  • ChinaBank

  • Maybank

How to Load AutoSweep RFID Using GCash

To load your RFID using GCash, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go to your GCash app.

  • Click ‘Pay Bills’ in the dashboard.

  • Click ‘Transportation’ in the Biller Categories.

  • Click ‘Autosweep RFID’.

  • Fill out the required fields and click ‘Next.’

  • Review your payment details. Once done, click ‘Next.’

  • And that’s it, you’re done! You’ll receive a confirmation via SMS as well as an in-app receipt. If you included your email on the payment, you may also receive an email confirmation.

How to Load Autosweep RFID via Credit Card

But a more convenient way to reload an Autosweep account is automatic reloading via your credit card. Just fill out and submit the Authorization to Use and Charge Credit Card Form along with a photocopy of your valid ID and the front of your card to any RFID station.

Here is a list of credit cards you can use when loading your Autosweep RFID:




shell citi card


metrobank toyota mastercard
AUB Easy Mastercard - Apply Now



citi simplicity+


aub classic mastercard


hsbc gold visa cash back

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Final Thoughts

Have you tried using Autosweep RFID? Does it deliver on its promise? Now that we’re in the new normal, contactless payments are the safest way to pay tollways. Get Autosweep if you plan to travel around the region soon.

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