Ayala Land’s Cebu Estates: In the pole position of Cebu’s long-term growth

CEBU is already a global tourist hotspot, but it still has much to offer beyond colorful festivals, historical landmarks, and stunning natural attractions. As the top economic capital in the south, Cebu’s rapid growth has set the pace for progress in the Visayas and Mindanao.

In sync with Cebu’s upward track is Ayala Land, the first developer to stake a huge capital in the province when it built the Cebu Business Park in the 1980s. Since opening Ayala Center Cebu in 1994 and launching Cebu I.T. Park in 1996, Ayala Land has stayed the course as the most committed and influential developer on the island.

“The Ayala Land estates has served as a catalyst for major businesses, especially the I.T. BPM companies around Cebu Business Park (CBP) and Cebu I.T. Park (CITP). The industry has progressively developed over the last few years. The industry was thriving in CBP and CITP, and continuously attracted more business relocators and ventures to be in the vicinity given the Ayala brand,” says Buddy Villasis, executive director of the Cebu I.T. BPM Organization.

Then and now: Proven commitment to long-term growth

It all started over 30 years ago. Armed with a bold vision, Ayala Land began the development of Cebu’s first modern business district—the Cebu Business Park—in 1989.

Aligned with the Cebu government’s farsighted vision, Ayala Land drafted a long-term blueprint to transform the city’s 50-hectare golf course property into a prime, integrated, mixed-use capital.

Today, that vision has expanded beyond Cebu Business Park. Ayala’s estates in Cebu now include the adjacent Cebu I.T. Park in Lahug, Gatewalk Central in Mandaue, South Coast City in SRP, and Seagrove in Mactan.

“While we have created newer estates, we also continue to strengthen our core in Cebu Business Park,” said Yeng Tupaz, Ayala Land vice president and senior estate development head. “Starting in 2021, we embarked on an extensive redevelopment program to update CBP’s infrastructure, use of open spaces, site resilience, and pedestrian and bicycle mobility. We are here for the long haul. We will continue to invest and reinvest in every estate we build in Cebu for generations to come.”

Indeed, Ayala’s five Cebu estates—now spanning over 130 hectares—are built for the long term. They are constructed meticulously and constantly updated, reflecting Ayala’s longstanding mission of nurturing land for the future.

Pioneering centers of culture, tourism and commerce

Cebu Business Park and Cebu I.T. Park are at the heart of Cebu’s developments in the city. Both districts have become integral to the way of life of Cebuanos. Cebu Business Park is the city’s thriving central business district, while Cebu I.T. Park is the region’s I.T. capital and has evolved into a vibrant work and lifestyle hub.

To support Cebu’s unstoppable growth, Ayala also teamed up with SM Prime to develop South Coast City, a new business district poised to replicate the success of Makati and Mall of Asia in Cebu. Located along the Cebu South Coastal Road and fronting the Cebu Strait, South Coast City is a 26-hectare master-planned gateway estate linking North and South Cebu with Mactan.

SOUTH COAST CITY – The 26-hectare waterside development will be home to prime entertainment and commercial concepts and will be complemented by other mixed-uses to serve diverse market needs.

Within South Coast City is Cebu’s new prime commercial destination, The District Square. With only 11 lots, The District Square is an exclusive address set to become a world-class progressive business district beside large-scale attractions such as the SM Arena, SM Convention Center, and the South Coast City Park.

Meanwhile, Seagrove in Mactan is Ayala Land’s first ecotourism venture in Cebu. It is envisioned to meld nature and tradition with its breathtaking views, tropical features, and keen attention to cultural heritage. Once complete, Seagrove will beckon travelers to experience world-class resort amenities, local cuisine, unique arts and crafts, and thrilling adventures amid Mactan’s amazing seascape.

SEAGROVE - fronting the Magellan Bay and a mangrove forest, the 13.5-hectare estate will carry the first-of-its kind resort and retail features, fresh dining concepts, and a full range of experiences and services for travelers and locals.

Unique Value Proposition

Ayala Land’s Cebu estates benefit from decades of experience and insight, coupled with the company’s sterling record of investments. Cebu Business Park’s value appreciation over the years is amongst the highest in the region, rising from P10,400/sqm in 1990 to P280,000 today. All these directly translate into solid values that appreciate year after year.

“Ayala is unfaltering in its dedication to shared value growth,” added Tupaz. “We always strive to build solutions that leave a net positive impact for our communities, country, and environment.”

Gatewalk Central: Mandaue’s progressive center on the rise

GATEWALK CENTRAL – The 17.5 -hectare development is envisioned to be Cebu’s progressive center for creative enterprise. Located in Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Gatewalk Central is easily accessible via three national roads—Lopez Jaena St., M. Logarta St., and Ouano Avenue.

Gatewalk Central is one of Ayala’s newest estates in Cebu, a 17.5-hectare mixed-used lifestyle enclave at the heart of Mandaue City. Inspired by the concept of urban revitalization, the estate is envisioned to be Cebu’s progressive center for creative enterprise.

A joint project between Ayala Land and Aboitiz Land, Gatewalk Central is set to be Mandaue City’s vibrant and sustainable core. Like other Ayala estates, Gatewalk Central combines business, life, and leisure concepts in a harmonious mixed-use design.

This new lifestyle district will offer modern living and work spaces amidst a green and fully walkable community. It also features lively streetscapes with an exciting mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

With its high street concept, Gatewalk Central will be a haven for pedestrians and the active set. Anyone can conveniently reach any part of the estate by walking on the large tree-lined pedestrian spine. This car-free promenade is 25 meters wide and runs through the entire estate. So whether one is on the way to work or simply enjoying a stroll, navigating Gateway Central will be easy and relaxed.

GATEWALK CENTRAL – A refreshing lifestyle district awaits future residents and visitors, with the estate’s high street feature. Vibrant street life concepts are just a step away.

The estate’s main high street concept will not be complete without highlighting Mandaue’s renowned history of craftsmanship. Through Gatewalk Central, the estate will showcase Cebu’s best artisans, designers, and outstanding local concepts. Mandaue’s unique flavors and colorful offerings will also be integrated into Gatewalk Central’s lifestyle vibe.

Furthermore, Gatewalk Central will have a transport hub to make travel to and from Mandaue City easier. The estate’s location makes it a strategic transport hub. It is only 10 km from the Mactan Cebu International Airport and a few minutes from Cebu’s seaports, ferry terminal, and transport stops. It can also be accessed via Cebu’s main roads, M. Logarta and Lopez Jaena.

Ongoing developments in the estate include a new retail district, an office building, and Gatewalk’s anchor, Ayala Malls, the first Ayala Mall in Mandaue. The company also recently launched a limited number of prime commercial lots for businesses that need a prime Mandaue address. For inquiries, please email babiera.lyn@ayalaland.com.ph. (SPONSORED CONTENT)