Aye or nay? English translations sought for PH movies

Jonathan de Santos
Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom

If this bill is passed, Pinoy movie makers will have to hire translators for each film.

This, as Pasay City Rep. Emi Calixto-Rubiano files a bill requiring English subtitles for each PH-made film to help foreign tourists appreciate Philippine culture.

She said that since many travel agencies include Philippine shopping malls in the itineraries of their customers, helping "foreign guests enjoy the privilege of watching Filipino films without having to worry about the problem of translation" would mean better appreciation of Filipino cinema and culture.

"(By adding subtitles,) we are offering our foreign guests not only the opportunity to have a glimpse of what we can offer in terms of entertainment, but also the window to showcase our culture and some of our tourists spots as may be shown in the film," she said.

She said that many Korean and Chinese tourists have been seen watching Filipino films but have had to be accompanied by Filipinos to translate for them. "But many of them do not have the luxury of having a 'chaperon' at all times to translate the film," the lawmaker said.

If passed into law, local film producers will be required to provide English subtitles for at least one copy for every five copies made of a film. The subtitled films will then be distributed to "to the major shopping malls and other prominent cinema outlets."

She said subtitles will also help Filipino films get exposure internationally "not only benefiting the local film industry but also our culture in general."

The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Public Information.