Baby dressed up as different kinds of local rice cakes goes viral

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It’s a thing now, dressing up babies in different outfits to mark each month before their first birthday. But in case you think you’ve seen it all, then you’re in for a treat: a new mom decided to dress up her baby in various types of “kakanin” (aka rice cakes) each month, and the internet loves it.

Baby Jada Tria just turned 7 months old, but she’s already cosplayed as different kinds of delicious rice desserts: she’s dressed up as palitaw, suman, kutsinta, puto, biko, and puto bumbong!

Her mother, Ivy Co-Tria, had a simple explanation behind the unique outfit choices. “My husband’s family is so into kakanin,” she quipped.

“We have searched for different ideas from the internet but we want to make it unique as possible,” Ivy further explained, adding, “So we thought, ‘Why not make it Filipino food?’ We haven’t seen anyone doing it.”

Ivy told Coconuts that she and her husband simply stretch out their imaginations in planning each outfit. “Every costume is just DIY. We use different colors of linen, pillows for shaping, fresh banana leaves, towels when wrapping oval-shaped props, and crepe papers for the toppings. No sewing is done on her monthly costumes.”

Before you wonder what other delicacies she hasn’t covered yet, it seems that Ivy has more up her sleeve as they plan to continue the series until Jada turns one. As for other concepts? “Maybe we’ll do a Filipino-themed party for her first birthday,” she said.

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