After baby gets cranky at birthday photoshoot, dad joins her — while dressed up as fairy

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It’s no secret that parents would go the extra mile for their children — take the case of this dad who decided to join his daughter for her birthday photoshoot after the latter got a little fussy.

Napoleon Soriano donned a pink wig and a sparkly turquoise dress in an effort to soothe his daughter Felicity Isabella or Ellie, who was the star of a pink and pastel-themed pictorial to mark her first birthday.

Yet her father inadvertently stole the spotlight from her, as seen in the series of photos by photography studio Faces Portraits that tickled social media users’ ribs.

Kahit anong effort ng family para mapaganda ‘yung pictorial (dress, costume, photographer, location, setup styling, etc.), kung talagang wala sa mood si baby ay wala tayo magagawa — trip ni baby ‘yan (No matter how much effort a family puts in to ensure a beautiful pictorial, if baby is not in the mood, there’s nothing we can do),” the studio wrote on their Facebook page, adding, “Pero napabilib ako ng daddy, hindi niya sinayang ‘yung setup (But daddy really impressed me, he didn’t let the setup go to waste).”

Napoleon told Coconuts that the shoot concept originally centered around a father-and-daughter tea party, but brought the dresses and wigs with him for good measure.

He explained that as a pandemic baby, Ellie’s lack of exposure outside their home may have caused her to become uneasy around new people. “We don’t expose her to the outside world for her safety, that’s why she might have developed stranger anxiety. She always cries whenever she sees unfamiliar faces, hence her reaction in the pictures,” Napoleon said, adding that Ellie was initially scared of the photographer and the assistants present during the shoot.

To put his daughter at ease and make the most of the situation, Napoleon decided to jump in and take action. “I’m friends with the photographer, so we talked about making it funny so it would trend and be a good memory for the family.”

“Of course, I really wanted it to be a fun shoot for my baby, but since we can’t control her reaction at the time, I thought of making it worth the time and payment since having photoshoots and the preparation doesn’t come cheap, so I decided to make it as a fun shoot for me,” he shared.

Napoleon said that the experience ended up becoming memorable for his family. “My wife was just laughing the entire time,” he said. “She knows that I’m a jolly person, I love joking around because I want our relationship to be light, fun and stress-free. While for my daughter, she has no reaction yet maybe because she’s too young to understand.”

“When the photos came out, of course we just laughed at it, we even shared it with our family and close friends,” he added.

And in case Ellie wants to look back at the time her daddy dressed up as a fairy when she’s older, she has this behind-the-scenes video to look forward to (don’t miss the 3-minute mark).

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